Daredevil Chicken Club presents Vaudeville shows in the style of clown, burlesque, cabaret & circus...
"Inspired comedy"
- Variety

We are...

Modern Vaudevillians:

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The Daredevil Chicken Club is a Theater Company that creates cabaret acts, clown shows, street theater and performs them around the world.

Created in 2001 by Jonathan Taylor and
Anne Goldmann they have entertained audiences with their innovative performances in over 34 countries.

Combining comedy with absurd characters and circus skills they are modern comic Vaudevillians. Their shows have been seen in Off Broadway NY theaters, Berlin cabarets, Dubai malls, European street theater festivals, and featured on the Discovery Channel.

Standing in the waters of classic cabaret and cresting the wave of in-your-face interactive madness, our goal is to challenge and push the medium of live performance and search for the line between reality and absurdity, comedy and taboo.

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