Anne Goldmann started her physical training as a gymnast for 10 years. Her theater training came from 15 years of live perfomance in conventional, absurd and avant-garde productions. She studied at ACT Academy in San Francisco and engaged in extensive study of vocal production and world music. She also went to the SF Circus School and trained in hand-balancing and acrobatics and learned wire-walking from the Flying Wallendas.

Anne studied Clown with Canadian Master Teacher Sue Morrison and afterwards co-created and produced award-winning shows, "Does this mean anything to you?" then "extra-Ordinary Vacancy", which premiered at PS122 in New York. Since 2001, Anne has performed in festivals, cabaret and street theater in over fourteen countries solo and with her husband as the "Daredevil Chicken Club".

Jonathan Taylor trained at the Dell'Arte School of Physical Theater, Ringling Bros Clown College, and with Clown Master Sue Morrison. He directed and performed with Blue Man Group for eight years in the U.S. Canada and Germany. He also toured the states with Ringling Brothers Circus as a clown and co-created a clown/reality show, Freaks in the Box with Voki Kalfayan.

Jonathan now performs the "Honeymoon Cabaret" with his wife, Anne Goldmann, and his solo clown show "The Collector" around the world at Cabarets, Theater Festivals, and Circuses.